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Types and Eligibility

Colombo Member – Annual Subscriptions
1st Member  30,500/-
Spouse       13,500/-
Each Child   9,000/-
Overseas Member – Annual Subscriptions
1st Member    30,500/-
Spouse             13,500/-
Each Child      9,000/-
(Only Colombo members who have completed one year as a Colombo Member becomes eligible for overseas membership)
Temporary Member – Weekly Subscriptions – 
                       Per Week(LKR)           
1st Member        10,000/-                          
Spouse                 5,000/-                            
Each Child          2,500/-                              
(Above rates are inclusive of 15% VAT)


Refundable deposit of Rs. 100,000/- per member will be payable at the time of obtaining regular membership.

Cover Charge – A cover charge is applicable to members whose Food and Beverage bills per quarter is less than Rs. 3,475.00 (Net of taxes and service charge). Cover charge payable would be the difference between Rs. 3,475.00 and the Food and Beverage consumption for the quarter. Such amounts to be debited into the member account at the end of each quarter. For purpose of calculating the cover charge each quarter will be treated independently.

Guest Fees – Members are allowed to bring two guests free of charge from Monday through Thursday. Please note that guest fees will apply for every guest after 3pm Monday through to Thursday. Members will be debited for additional guests at the rate of Rs. 200.00 per guest. Friday through Sunday guest fees will be debited to members for all the guests who come to the club at all time. NIC number and details of the guest needs to be given to the Front Office.

The club rules specify that a guest can come to the club only twice a month and six times per year.

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