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Our Beginnings

Our initial years

The remarkable seventy five year history of the Colombo Swimming Club (CSC) dates back to the colonial era in Sri Lanka (then Ceylon). During the mid 1930s there was a significant need within the expatriate community in the country to set up a club that would act as a ‘family’ meeting place.

The initial meetings of the ‘Colombo Amateur Swimming Club’ (as the club was known then) took place in earnest, beginning in 1936 at the Galle Face Hotel. As a bonus, the club members were allowed to use the hotel salt water pool.

Our own place

In 1938, ‘Storm Lodge’ was purchased for a then princely sum of fifty-five thousand rupees and in that same year, the construction of a swimming pool was awarded to Walker and Sons Ltd. The pool was declared open the following year by the Governor of Ceylon, Sir Andrew Caldecott at a gala celebration. The club now has a home of its own and a place for family relaxation and meeting with friends.

What defines us

Good food, excellent service, a warm and friendly atmosphere have defined the Colombo Swimming Club throughout its long history and continues to do so to this day.

The uniqueness of CSC is in its unpretentious, exclusive atmosphere which sustains itself effortlessly. The club premises stand out as an eloquent testimony to a grander age gone by, an unmistakable landmark in the city that was once a colonial capital.

The club’s relaxed and gracious character, elegant colonial premises and fine range of residential, leisure and sporting facilities make CSC the ideal home away from home for those who demand peace, quietness, tasteful surroundings, comfort, good companionship and impeccable service.


The Colombo Swimming Club is managed by a general committee that is elected annually. The committee includes;

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