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Club Nights

Club Nights

The club committee works hard to ensure a full and varied entertainment calendar for members and their guests. In addition to traditional celebrations such as New Year’s Eve, the Club Anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Halloween and so on, other events including musical club nights are held throughout the year.

Weekly Club Event

As a premier family recreation club in the country, CSC ensures a wide variety of activities at the club to keep members entertained and engaged with the club through the year.

A sampling of fun events organised by the Colombo Swimming Club include;

Weekly Members Nights

Members nights are always special – catching up with old friends, and sampling some great cocktails and delicious food along with toe-tapping music. This is the day we dedicate to our members and offer them unlimited enjoyment throughout the evening.

Club Theme Nights

Each of these evenings are made all the more memorable with different food menus and bar promotions. Theme nights are proving extremely popular and enjoy an overwhelming response from members who cannot resist the international culinary journey that each event offers.

Club theme nights organised regularly include;

‘Stews-Day’ Dinner every Tuesday
Hopper Night every Wednesday/Sunday
Club Theme Night every Friday

Christmas Celebrations

The month of December experiences the most number of events. The club ensures that activities through the entire month will infuse every member with the warm and fuzzy feeling that Christmas evokes. The beautiful Christmas tree and the heavily decorated club areas lend the club an inimitable charm and highlights the festive month in store for members at the club.

Members’ Kids Christmas Party

On this day, member’s children have the run of the club, diving into a fun-filled Christmas party with lots of fun games and great food. The best part of the party is, of course, the arrival of Santa Claus, heavily laden with gifts! This event is an all time favourite with the children…

Christmas Carols Night

The Christmas carols night at CSC is a real kick-start to the camaraderie and festivity of the season. As is tradition, members of a church choir are invited to sing to an appreciative audience of club members.

Annual New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance

Seasonal events such as the annual New Year’s Eve Dinner Dance, which is the most glamorous, glittering and enjoyable event in the club’s entertainment calendar, attracts more than 500 members and guests.

Fireworks, a class entertainment act, gourmet food and the finest of spirits mark this formal occasion as members and their guests dance the night away to usher in the New Year!

Sinhala and Tamil New Year Celebrations

During the month of April, the club celebrates the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with great tradition and warmth. The traditional food for the occasion and the traditional games played in the villages during this season are all recreated here for the benefit of members who take part in these activities and truly enjoy the entire day’s outing at the club. It’s a special day and members enjoy it with their loved ones.

Themed Events

The club ensures that it maintains a lively calendar of entertainment through the other months as well. Special club theme events are conceptualised and all these events are underpinned by one golden rule – meeting the demands and exceeding the expectations of CSC members.

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