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Research indicates that individuals who play tennis have significant health benefits including improved bone health and a lower risk of developing heart diseases.

The duration of play depends on various factors including age and other health related factors. Playing tennis for three hours per week is highly beneficial to your general well-being.

What are the many physical and psychological benefits of playing tennis?

  • Aerobic fitness – while playing, fat is being burned and higher energy levels are maintained.
  • Speed – sprinting side to side, back and up, chasing the ball during play and practice develop strong leg muscles producing increased speed.
  • Agility – scoring a typical point in tennis can have a player changing direction as many as five times in ten seconds.
  • Learn to solve problems – tennis is based on geometry and physics.
  • Helps accommodate stress effectively – playing tennis because of the physical and mental strain forces players to develop an increased capacity when dealing with stress.

The overall challenge and joy of playing tennis along with social interaction makes the sport good for a player’s health and well-being.

Tennis at CSC

  • CSC Tennis Courts consist of two outdoor clay courts
  • Tennis courts are available from 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. for normal play.
  • Floodlights from 6.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m. is charged at Rs. 350.00 per hour.
  • It is mandatory for the players to use appropriate footwear.
  • Coaching facilities are available upon request.
  • CSC members who do not belong to the tennis group may use the facility when available at an hourly rate of Rs. 175.00 to be debited from their account.
  • Members of the tennis group who would like to play must book the courts with the courts complex reception desk either personally or by telephone.
  • Tennis balls will be provided free of charge to tennis group members.
  • Ball pickers are there on a roster basis. They will not be available on statutory holidays.

How to join the tennis group

  • CSC Members who wish to join the group must fill in the appropriate form for processing at a fee of Rs. 700.00 per month per family to be debited from the member’s account.
  • Temporary CSC members must also follow the same process.

Member guests

Tennis members may invite guests to join them at a rate of Rs. 306.00 per outing. CSC members must be present at all times when the guests are using the courts and will be responsible for their behavior and any damages caused.

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