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  • What is the membership application process? Step one – Fill the PDMC form and handover to the CSC Guest Relations Manager / Step two – Once the PDMC is approved, an ‘Application Form for membership’ must be filled / Step three – Once the application form is approved, a personal interview follows / Step four – Payment of fees including entrance, subscription and refundable deposit
  • When do I need a temporary membership? A temporary membership is required when you plan on using club facilities for a period not exceeding three months. If you require a temporary membership, please handover a duly filled form to the CSC Guest Relations Manager.
  • What is the cost of membership? The cost for membership varies according to the type of membership. Check on our membership types to know the precise fee.
  • Do I need to keep a membership deposit? Yes, all CSC members are required to keep a refundable security deposit of Rs. 60,000.00
  • What is the cover charge? A cover charge is imposed if your food and beverage bill per quarter is less than Rs. 3475.00 . Such amounts, if any, are charged to the member account at the end of each quarter.
  • Am I entitled to membership at reciprocal clubs? CSC has reciprocal club arrangements at over one hundred locations in 24 countries, at present. You will be entitled to enjoy membership facilities at these clubs during your stay. Please follow this link (Link to page) for complete details of club locations, contact details, bookings and reservations etc.
  • Where can I pay the subscription fee? CSC has an online payment gateway which can be accessed from the link given here :- Pay Online

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